Not only are we passionate about your smile at Bridge Street Dental & Skin Clinic when it comes to your teeth and mouth but we are also passionate about your overall facial look.

Looking fresh and maintaining your youthful look can be helped along with simple procedures available at Bridge Street Dental & Skin Clinic. Treatments are non-surgical and are short in-house procedures.

Anti Wrinkle Injections - Driffield

Why at a dental practice you may ask?

Why not we say… skill, hygiene and cleanliness to name but three reasons

As dental surgeons we undergo 5 years of extensive training, studying in detail all the structures of the head and neck, and the related organ systems. These qualifications make us ideal candidates to complete the minor non invasive cosmetic procedures involved in facial enhancement.

These techniques will be carried out in our consulting rooms using the same excellent level of skill, equipment and hygiene that we currently use in the daily dental work we do.

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